little yoojin's paintings (Part III)

our family in korea moved into a new apartment and my mom found my old paintings(?)which i did when i was 6 yrs old. i took the photos and the actual colours are way better, but anyway, i'm loving them and it's just so funny looking at my 'old' works.. somehow they look better than my recent art


  1. yoojin u must be a very happy person. i am looking at the painting and feel u were happy as a kid can ever be.

  2. LOL

    All the colours are Korean too.

    I know Haena's loving the snow scenes too.

  3. hi yoojin! wow these are very colourfull :D btw CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING INTO AMERICAN ILLUSTRATION!!!!!!! omg i'm so excited for u and the rest of the kids from third year who got in. wish i could have made it with the rest of u :) have fun!

  4. kohsin! long time no see... haha
    i think so too... i guess i was a happy camper.. watabout now..? do u feel the same? haha

  5. ahahahah
    @ jesse
    i guess my drawing shows im korean......i really hated my style once and i tried to get rid of influences ive got from my own culture. but now i realized that it's just me...and that's something i can't change hahahaha

  6. @ sam
    thanks for your support!
    i wish i could go and see this yr's grad show too! ah!!! it's already may 7...darn! after 3 wks im going backkk hahaha
    anyway, i know it's very colourful.. and someone told me my sky is 'yellow' hahaha. i didnt even realize that.

  7. my mom threw away all my childhood drawings.
    me so sad:(

  8. Anonymous12/29/2009

    i really love these.