Sweat Show!


"Sweat" is a Summer Art Show featuring a collective of local artists and illustrators.

134 Ossington Ave.

July 15th - July 29th, 2011

Poster by Kate, Sam, and Chelsea
Photo by Ross McAuley

Also check out some write up on blogTO, and we got featured in T.O. Night in their July 19th issue :) 

The First and Only

Art Exhibition featuring ten local artists: Curated by Inkyung Choi

Location:Art Square Gallery Cafe (334 Dundas West, Toronto, ON)
Date: June 21-July 4, 2011
Opening Reception: Tuesday, June 21, 6pm - 11pm

Ahnna Lim, Anjo Chiang, Daniel Downey Jr., Diana Luong, Haena Kim, Inkyung Choi, Jessica Mundell, Jireh Kim, Ko-Hsin Hong, YooJin Guak.
(Facebook Event Page)

The gallery is very close to AGO. I will be there for the opening night, and will probably be around for some other days as well. After the show ends, I'm heading out to NYC, then going back to Seoul. So, if you are around, please visit us. I would love to see everyone before I leave the town!

'Raw Toronto'

The illustration on the top is one of the small drawings I did for my friend Nahad's travel guild book, 'Raw Toronto.'
The last image is picture of myself!(my hair is pretty short now) I shared one of my favorite Japanese restaurants, 'Ematei.'
Limited edition of this book will be available in the near future, and here is Nahad's 'Raw Toronto' blog. Check out more photos of Torontoinas!

Computer Arts Magazine (Korean Edition), Exposure Interview

Computer Arts Magazine did a short interview with me. This magazine is UK based, and they have several international editions. I didn't know that there's Korean edition as well until I was asked. Each month, they are asking several artists from all over the world, and I was lucky to be one of them.
So, everyting is writtne in Korean of course, and if you are in Korea, please check out the CA Magazine (May 2011). (They are using new 'CA' logo along with the original logo)

CA Magazine 5월호 Exposure 인터뷰를 했습니다.
매달 전 세계의 다양한 아티스트들을 인터뷰 한다고 하는데 저도 사알짝 꼈네요..ㅎ
UK 잡지인 Computer Arts 잡지가 한국판 에디션이 있는지 몰랐는데.. 멋져요^^
그저 열심히 해야겠다는 생각뿐입니다...

Now, 'Memory II' is on sale at the Gallery Nucleus .

밑에소개한 'Memory II' 그림은 현재 LA에있는 '겔러리 뉴클리어스' 에서 판매하고있으며, 온라인으로 구입하실수 있습니다. 수입금의 일부는 World Wildlife Fund 에 기부됩니다. 지속적으로 다양한 작가들의 작품이 업데이트되니 웹싸이트를 들러주세요~ Power In Numbers 라는 프로젝트이고, 모든 작품 싸이즈는 모두 5" x 7" 입니다.

PIN (Power In Numbers)

'Memory II'
5" x 7" | Screen print, pearl white acrylic, collage

This small original illustration will go on sale @ the Gallery Nucleus in LA, it will be released on their website on April 14th.
A portion of profits will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund.

Power in Numbers

Recently, I was invited from Gallery Nucleus in LA to contribute to their charity project called Power in Numbers. I was actually surprised when I found out that this gallery is quite well known and some of the illustrators I like, such as Scott Bakal and Sam Wolfe are involved in the project as well. I'm just glad that I can take part in it, and some proceeds will be donate to charities.
I will update some new work in the near future, so stay tuned!


back to my personal project.

series #1
My rabbit boy with dust creature.

it matches with this week's topic for IF!! :)

SIS BOOK Launch Party and Exhibition

Opening party: Friday Jan. 21 6pm - 10pm
Location: sono factory (Seoul Korea)
Exhibition Dates: Jan 21 -27

(curated by Illustration agency 'The Idler' , online art community 'lazy illust' )
One of the 5 images that will be published in the SIS Book will be on the show. I'm glad that i could be the part of these Korean illustrators.

( SIS (Seoul Illustrator Society) BOOK은 일러스트 에이전시 'iDLER' 와 온라인 커뮤니티 '게으른일러스트'에서 기획 제작한 일러스트레이션 연감 입니다.)
책에 실릴 제 작품 5그림중 한 작품을 전시장에서 보실수 있을거에요. ^^

you can also check out an article about this event from Weekly Chosun (주간조선) and note from OCAD University website