Napoleon Complex

Napoleon Complex is a state of being overcompensated for one's short height, especially men.

i need you guys' help.
this is the 4th illustration for my thesis, and Gary said it would be better if i crop it like the second image so that the viewers can see the legs right away,I thought it's a great idea but after i cropped it, it looks kinda awkward to me..and I do not know which one is better....

Peter Pan Complex

This is my 3rd illustration for thesis.
It's my favorite so far :)

A person who has Peter Pan Complex refuses to grow up and socially immature


my dearest friend Hannah and i promised to do a portrait of each other during the summer. Actually I did one on the wood, but i didnt like the outcome, so i tried to redo it. For this time, i used the technique that ive learned from Gillian's drawing and painting class: using only (mostly) warm and cool colours to describe the tones....(ps. Gillian's class is SOOOOO FUN!!!!! she's awesome. )

i'm wearing baggy pants

too much things are going on nowadays. i just dont want to think about anything.

so here's Lanvin pants!?!
how do i look? hah

little yoojin's paintings (Part III)

our family in korea moved into a new apartment and my mom found my old paintings(?)which i did when i was 6 yrs old. i took the photos and the actual colours are way better, but anyway, i'm loving them and it's just so funny looking at my 'old' works.. somehow they look better than my recent art

little yoojin's paintings (part II)

Winter Scenes :)

little yoojin's paintings (Part I)

finding yoojin

i drew myself just for fun. nothing special, but i enjoyed just escaping from the conceptual drawing!!
i think my kindergarten friends and i were performing something for christmas,
and the second drawing is me riding a camel i guess? i dont even remember this... :D

Celebrity portrait

It is a portrait of Renee Zellweger based on movie review of "new in town" .

Respect, Protect, Fulfil

2nd assignment from Paul's class :)
These are 3 Black and white illustrations for HIV & AIDS annual report - each illustration describes the words respect, protect, and fulfill and we had to use floating illustration with no gray tones!!.
it was pretty fun project but harder than what i thought~

2008 -
last year's loose drawings
i just like this kind of feeling- and i guess i will do some more of work like this :)