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series #1
My rabbit boy with dust creature.

it matches with this week's topic for IF!! :)

SIS BOOK Launch Party and Exhibition

Opening party: Friday Jan. 21 6pm - 10pm
Location: sono factory (Seoul Korea)
Exhibition Dates: Jan 21 -27

(curated by Illustration agency 'The Idler' , online art community 'lazy illust' )
One of the 5 images that will be published in the SIS Book will be on the show. I'm glad that i could be the part of these Korean illustrators.

( SIS (Seoul Illustrator Society) BOOK은 일러스트 에이전시 'iDLER' 와 온라인 커뮤니티 '게으른일러스트'에서 기획 제작한 일러스트레이션 연감 입니다.)
책에 실릴 제 작품 5그림중 한 작품을 전시장에서 보실수 있을거에요. ^^

you can also check out an article about this event from Weekly Chosun (주간조선) and note from OCAD University website