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One of the images for the past exhibition, 'She Creeps'
you can check out some photos from the prepping to the opening night here--> Chelsea's blog! :)

Upcoming art exhibition

'Giddy Up!'


'A guy with a bag'

'Year nineteen eighty three'

These are the four paintings i've done for the upcoming show, 'Methinks' Holiday PopUp Art Shop Village.'
The show should be a lot of fun and I'm really happy to share my new work, which is somewhat special to me.
I cannot make if for the show again, however, you can visit there and tell me about it! You will see Hannah and Ink's amazing work too!
(more info for this show is on the below post)

Now is the time to work on Holiday gifts :>

Methinks' Holiday PopUp Art Shop Village

Another upcoming event from Project 165 Gallery!
Opening night: Friday Dec.10 6-12pm
Time: Dec. 10 - Dec 26
Location: Project 165 (165 Augusta Ave. Toronto, ON)
Facebook event page

(Web flyer for the show from Project 165)

one love

I finally mailed my work to Toronto few days ago and here is one of the paintings i did for the 'she creeps' gallery show.

work process-! making texture is so fun!!

acrylic on wood panel
22" x 28"

She Creeps: An art show for the bizarre and eerie

Upcoming group show @ Funtion 13 Gallery!!
these are some character design i did for the show-! more works will be posted soon.
Unfortunately, I cannot be there for the whole show since i'm still in Korea, but there will be 12 talented artists waiting for you guys!!
Please join us for the opening night! Friday October 29 7pm-11pm
if you cannot make it, please stop by anytime- it runs from Oct 29 - Nov. 29

Project 165 Group Show

I am happy to participate in upcoming art show called 'When a Stranger Calls a Friend of a Friend' @ Project 165.
The theme is 'legend' and the image had to be literal depiction of particular legends, not obscure references thereof.
SO, i drew one of the scenes from the korean legend, 'the fairy and the woodcutter'
The curator for this show Ryan will have an image for the show after this weekend. So far, i only know the exhibition dates!
if you are in TO in btw August 17 - 31, please stop by and check out various artists' works!
More info on this show will be announced soon!
stay tuned! :)

EXHIBITION DATES: August 17 – 31, 2010
Place: Project 165, 165 Augusta Avenue, Toronto, M5T 2L4

Diana Complex

Diana complex is repressed desire of a woman to be a man. In Greek mythology, Diana was a goddess of hunting and protectress of woman.

Group show

2010 Expo
It's the one day retrospective show that's organized by OCAD KASA members @ Arta Gallery on Sunday April 25 starts at 4pm. There will be art and design students' work from all years from OCAD.
Some of my friends including myself are in this show too! it should be a lot of fun-
(check out these awesome illustrators' work! :)

Good News

One of my illustrations for thesis has been selected for the Creative Quarterly magazine, issue 19 as runner up. It will be featured on the web gallery June 2010.

Also check this out!
American Illustration 28 (chosen)
Creative Quarterly 17 (runner up)

Illustration i did in Paul's class last year had been selected for both CQ17, and AI 28. Now you can check it out from their online gallery.
Thanks all for your support :)

Adonis Complex

Adonis Complex: it refers to a body image obsession with improving one's physique and youthful appearance. In Greek mythology, Adonis is half man and half god, representing the ultimate in masculine beauty.

I know it needs to be fixed in some parts. but real thanks to my pals again. :>