Upcoming art exhibition

'Giddy Up!'


'A guy with a bag'

'Year nineteen eighty three'

These are the four paintings i've done for the upcoming show, 'Methinks' Holiday PopUp Art Shop Village.'
The show should be a lot of fun and I'm really happy to share my new work, which is somewhat special to me.
I cannot make if for the show again, however, you can visit there and tell me about it! You will see Hannah and Ink's amazing work too!
(more info for this show is on the below post)

Now is the time to work on Holiday gifts :>

Methinks' Holiday PopUp Art Shop Village

Another upcoming event from Project 165 Gallery!
Opening night: Friday Dec.10 6-12pm
Time: Dec. 10 - Dec 26
Location: Project 165 (165 Augusta Ave. Toronto, ON)
Facebook event page

(Web flyer for the show from Project 165)