Project 165 Group Show

I am happy to participate in upcoming art show called 'When a Stranger Calls a Friend of a Friend' @ Project 165.
The theme is 'legend' and the image had to be literal depiction of particular legends, not obscure references thereof.
SO, i drew one of the scenes from the korean legend, 'the fairy and the woodcutter'
The curator for this show Ryan will have an image for the show after this weekend. So far, i only know the exhibition dates!
if you are in TO in btw August 17 - 31, please stop by and check out various artists' works!
More info on this show will be announced soon!
stay tuned! :)

EXHIBITION DATES: August 17 – 31, 2010
Place: Project 165, 165 Augusta Avenue, Toronto, M5T 2L4

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