Chicken Farming

I started a great class from Tutormill few weeks ago, and it gives me motivation and excitement to work as an illustrator again. They offer you to take a class with two mentors of your choice to work with. I chose Marcos and Greg who's work I admire and they offer really great advice and critique as "Art Director" in the real world. I'm really enjoying it even though some assignments are pretty tough! 

So this is one of the projects, and it is about 'micro chicken farms' in people's backyards that are mostly against the law within city limits, but people are doing this under cover.  Here are some of roughs and final illustration. 

(I still like this drawing but it isn't saying 'illegal' and 'micro farm',
 so it misses the marks conceptually. It shows chicken=pet. )

Here is the final illustration! :)

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