i did it in sequential narrative class.
the theme i chose was "hunger" and we had to use "hook" to show the change of direction

Instructor: Blair Drawson
pen and ink


  1. when i looked at the first few illustration i thought it's about a person trying to lose weight or something, and then i found out its the opposite. i like how you put limited color on the main character and no color for the other figures.:)

  2. Hiii Yoojin... this is really wonderful. I totally got the "hook"! It made me smile. :)

  3. yes anjo, you got it! it's the real story of Miran Jang who received gold medal in 2008 Beijing Olympics- she actually said that! haha

  4. heyyy Nat! gd to c u here.. haha
    im happy that it made you smile :)