Painting practice

this is the one i've done in the summer. (ko hsin and i decided to do some work during the summer and here it is! i guess this was the first one i did...and i was too lazy to finish other
I tried to make the clothing as a focal point- actually this topic was the one that i decided, cuz i really wanted to draw/paint something related to FASHION stuff..:)
i copied a painting that somebody had done before (forgot the artist's name), and changed the whole colour pallete and the focal point. it's bit sad that it's not my original art work .. haha
but i like the purple skin and it's background, it was a fun exercise~

acrylic , 9 x 10"


  1. i really like the garment and the floral pattert on it! love the red! red is my favorite color!!! hahahahaha

  2. really i didnt know that your favourite colour is red!

  3. that's pretty amazing!
    well done.